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What is [Lagree Fitness]?

With an MBA from Seattle University and advanced certifications for both weight training and Pilates, Sebastien Lagree opened his 1st studio in September 2001. His program quickly gained popularity; especially amongst celebrities and top athletes.Since September 2001, Lagree Fitness™ is quickly expanding worldwide.


Lagree Fitness™ is the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning. Moving effectively out of the borders of conditioned stimulus, this workout integrates the key elements of resistance and counter-resistance in a sequence that allows for periods of zero gravity at peak muscle contraction. The composition of this method is significant in that it encourages maximum exertion while allowing for low risk of injury. The workout strengthens the body, tones and elongates the muscles, improves endurance, jump-starts the metabolism, burns fat, increases flexibility and postural alignment, and restores the body’s natural balance. The client, at conclusion, is left with a lithe and powerful body, resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life.



The [Science]

Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Each class packs in 45-50 minutes of uninterrupted physical exertion, which stimulates your cardiovascular system.
Core Strength and Balance
Our classes focus heavily on core-stabilizing excercises and maintaining proper form throughout each and every move.
The torso is the bodys center of power, so the more strength and stability trained in this area, the better chances you will have in preventing injuries and maintaining good alignment and posture.
Muscular Strength and Endurance
The key to making your muscles stronger is working them against resistance. The Proformer allows the body to train in counter-resistance to improve muscular strength. In order for your muscles to perform without fatigue, you need to train the muscles to fatigue. Our classes are designed to train the muscles to the threshold of intensity that will stimulate improvement and muscular endurance. 
Each and every excercise that is performed works the muscle in its length, which improves flexibility.
Body Composition
Our classes promotes fat loss and lean muscle growth to improve the total body composition. 

​The [Proformer]
The Proformer, invented by Sebastien Lagree, is an evolution of the traditional pilates reformer, with unique features that enhance and intensify the workout. Designed to work the upper and lower body muscles, the Proformer uses a system of springs to accomodate the resistance and counter resistance elements of the workout. Under the guidence of an instructor, it's one of the safest ways to strengthen your muscles while reducing stress on the joints and connective tissues.
Taught in an intimate class setting [only ten students per class], our trained instructors lead you through a series of movements on the Proformer, helping you build your best body ever. The music is pumping, the energy is high—this is a workout you will be able to evolve with and will soon become something you cannot live without. 
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