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[core] classes 

[core] Lagree

[lagree] fitness method is a workout designed to strengthen, tighten and tone the body quickly & safely.  It is based on the principles of Pilates but focuses on strength training and cardio elements.  Using the Lagree machine throughout the entire 45-minute class.  This is a full-body 45-minute workout. 

All levels are welcome. 

[core] foundation

[core] foundation is a class designed for those who want to learn the basic technique of the Lagree Fitness method and move at a slower pace.  Great for beginners and veterans who want to work on improving the fundamentals and create a deeper understanding of the method.  Perfect opportunity to learn how to modify or advance each position and to learn tricks for quicker transitions.  This is a full body 45-minute workout. 

All levels are welcome.  Great for beginners.

[core] lengthen

[core] lengthen uses fundamental principles of the pilates method combined with the Lagree method to lengthen and tone muscles while also encouraging anatomical awareness in calming yoga-inspired movements. Learn about the proper form to take your Lagree method to the next level.  This is a full body 45-minute workout. 

All levels are welcome.  Great for beginners. 

[core] strength

[core] strength combines the slow & controlled movements of the Lagree method with additional weights as an option.  This variation will optimize your heart rate and muscular endurance.  This is a 45-minute full-body workout. This class will keep you guessing at every minute! 

All levels are welcome.

[core] cardio

[core] cardio combines your favorite Lagree method with short cardio burst elements. You do not have to jump. All exercises have modifications that will suit your level. This is a great 45-minute full-body class that you will mix it up, sweat it up & burn it up.  

All levels are welcome. 

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